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Welcome to Elect Dennis Smith
59 District - Mich. House of Representatives

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Why Elect Dennis

Four Reasons


· Public Money for Public Schools

· School Safety

· College Funding


· 21st Century Jobs

· Living wage for all

· Promotion of regional assets


· Protect our natural resources

· Regulation of industrial farming

· Promote sustainable energy


· Universal Healthcare for all

· Protect women, minorities, and LGBTQ rights

· Protect voting rights

Dennis has the experience necessary to serve the people of Michigan’s 59th House District and the desire to do so.

Who is Dennis Smith


I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and attended Godwin Heights High School, graduating salutatorian in 1967. From there I enrolled at General Motors Institute (now Kettering) in Flint, where I met my wife Paula. We were married in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, a socially conscious congregation in the heart of Flint’s poorest neighborhoods. We both went on to earn Bachelor’s degrees from University of Michigan – Flint College. Following graduation, I taught physics at Northwestern High School in Flint, while Paula taught elementary school down the road from Northwestern. Both of us were active members of our local teachers union.  Our elder son, Timothy, was born while we were both teachers in Flint Schools.

In 1976, following my graduation from MSU with a Master’s degree, our family moved to Dallas Texas. Again, both Paula and I were teachers in the Dallas and Plano school districts, respectively. 

In 1978 I accepted a job with Texas Instruments in Dallas as manager of a high-tech production department. Our younger son, Joshua, was born shortly after.

While serving as president of Ascension Lutheran Church in Garland, Texas, a scrappy congregation committed to social action on behalf of the poor, I responded to the call to enter full time pastoral ministry and enrolled at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. Four years later, I began my first call to serve Eben-Ezer Lutheran Church in rural Texas. 

I accepted a call to serve Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church in Constantine shortly after Paula and I became residents of St. Joseph County in 2004. 

I retired from congregational ministry at the end of 2017. During thirty-two years of pastoral ministry, I have sought to carry on the commitment to serve “the least of these, my brothers and sisters” (Matthew 25:40) that I first learned as a teacher and member of Holy Trinity in Flint. That is a commitment both Paula and I now carry into the field of public service.

Now is the Time!

For Competence, Caring, and Commitment

I have resided in and served the community for 14 years.  I know the community and am committed to helping make Michigan's 59th District the best place in Michigan to live, work, and play.

To Work for the Common Good

Though we may not live next door, we are all neighbors.  I believe that government should work for the common good of all, not just the advantage of some.

To win this election, I really need and appreciate your support.  You can send your contributions to:

Committee to Elect Dennis Smith

P.O. Box 142

Centreville, MI 49032

Thank you very much

To Get Involved

I cannot can't win this race without your help. Talking to your neighbors, handing out flyers, and donating money are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.  Contact me at:

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